/Istanbul M.M. won award in world tulip summit
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality won Tulip award in Canada summit.

Istanbul M.M. won award in world tulip summit

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) was granted with an award and certificate by the authorities of the World Tulip Summit, which was at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, Canada.

The 7th Annual World Tulip Summit was held at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, Canada, October 5 to 7, 2017. Over 25 international delegates participated representing 10 of the Society’s 16 member countries.

The certificate was accepted by Turkish Ambassador to Canada H.E. Selçuk Ünal in the name of Istanbul Mayor Mevlüt Uysal from Michel Gauthier, Executive Director, Canadian Tulip Festival and Chair, World Tulip Summit Society.

The 5th World Tulip Summit was held in Istanbul in 14th -15th November 2013 at Haliç Congress Center. Over 100 delegates had participated representing 12 of the Society’s 14 member countries. The World Friendship Tulip was officially named and the first Official World Friendship Tulip Garden was planted in Emirgan Park.

Do you know Istanbul Tulip Festival begins at 1. April in every year ?

This year’s summit was participated by the producers and the representatives of the city festivals of the U.S., Australia, the U.K., Belgium, Austria, South Korea, China, Uzbekistan, France and Turkey.

Speaking at the summit, Michel Gauthier, emphasized the importance of “tulip” as a flower in Turkish arts and culture and praised the studies of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) on tulips.

Stating that the tulip has an important place in Istanbul’s city scape, Gauthier expressed his gratitude about the “International World Peace Park” in Istanbul’s Zeytinburnu district, which was garnished with many original tulips and flower species, and presented a certificate to IMM for their services.Under the context of the festival, the IMM was also granted the award of “5 Best Spectacular Tulips.” Like the certificate, the award was accepted by Selçuk Ünal.