/Istanbul Instagrammable places
Istanbul Instagrammable places

Istanbul Instagrammable places

Both Istanbul and tourists; giant service for those who love taking photos and those who love taking photos! In this article we will share a short list of Istanbul’s most photographic locations. Among these places, there are places where peace is taken with natural beauties as well as history-oriented places where many of the frames come to mind when it comes to Istanbul. Ta ta taaa! Here is a short tour of Istanbul Istanbul’s most photographic places

  • Galata Tower : It is the most important symbol of the city, where you can take a great selfie and take a wonderful view of Istanbul from the terrace.

  • Valide Han : Although the terrace of Valide Han, which has become popular with the explosion of Instagram in recent years, is forbidden for those who want to take photographs, but the city view that appears after the domes is one of the most beautiful scenery.

Istanbul Instagrammable places

Valide Han View
  • Hagia Sophia: A masterpiece, Ayasofya, will collect selfie tastes taken under the dome. Don’t forget to photograph the domes and Blue Mosque from the tiny window on the 2nd Floor of the Museum.
  • Hagia Sophia inside : https://www.instagram.com/p/BI6-TfqDNXB/
Hagia Sophia - Ayasofya
Hagia Sophia – Ayasofya
  • Istiklal Street : Historical buildings, nostalgic tram, Flower Passage, Fish Market, different shops and human profiles with hours of great Instagram you can shoot the richness.
  • Salt Galata : The building was designed by the French-born Levantine architect Alexandre Vallauri in 1892 for the Bank-ı Osmanî-neoclassical and orientalist elements. You’ll get great photos from this free art gallery. Don’t forget the Kamondo steps right across the street!
Salt Galata
  • Karaköy Streets : Karaköy is one of the neighborhoods that provides plenty of material with its venues and streets. You will not want to miss the graffiti and wall paintings that you will encounter while walking around the streets with plenty of surprises.
  • The Maiden’s Tower from Salacak : The Üsküdar Salacak beach, where the tower is the closest and most beautiful, is definitely one of the places you would like to take a photo.
  • Eminönü Fish Bread Place : The fancy fish in Eminönü will be in the foreground and the Galata view will be a complete instagram.
  • Dolmabahçe Palace Clock Tower : Dolmabahçe Palace is a work of art. But one of the most beautiful frames of the clock tower with the palace taking pictures will be taking pictures.
  • Emirgan Korusu : Especially during the tulip season, you should go to Emirgan Valley for the most colorful squares.
  • Bebek Koyu : The places in Bebek have the most beautiful view of the world. From here, you can photograph the Bebek Koyu with your coffee or take a wonderful throat square with the consulate in front of the Egyptian Consulate at the end of the Bebek Park.
  • Rumeli Hisarı : We can tell the best photographs you take from the boat while you are on the city walls or on the Bosphorus.
  • Sait Halim Pasha Mansion : If you wonder what it feels like to be in Istanbul, you can go to Sait Haim Pasha Mansion. You’ll catch a beautiful photo from inside and outside.
  • Aya Triada Church : When you go to Taksim Square, you will definitely notice this church at Istiklal Street entrance. But we don’t think we can go to the door. However, it is a much more beautiful church. Giving very nice photos.
  • Basilica Cistern : The Basilica Cistern, a place of extraordinary architecture, has a mystical atmosphere with lightings. A place where you can catch unique squares.
  • Ortaköy : Here is one of the most beautiful landscapes. Ortakoy Büyük Mecidiye Mosque in front and behind the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge. If you pass by boat, you will enter Esma Sultan mansion and you will catch a wonderful Istanbul square.
  • Streets with Cats: One of the most important symbols of Istanbul is street cats. You don’t need to look for them anywhere. You’ll surely get a nice photo of a cat.
  • Galata Bridge Fishermen : On the Galata Bridge you can photograph the fishers with the background of the historical peninsula or the background of Karaköy.
  • Grand Bazaar : For the most authentic and colorful squares, you should go to the Grand Bazaar and especially the carpets here.
  • Haydarpasa Station : Istanbul without Haydarpaşa is unthinkable. In front of the station, in between the trains or in front of the ferry. One of the most beautiful photos in the city.
  • Splendid Palas : You will not be able to photograph the Art Nouveau red shutters opened in 1908 in Büyükada. Especially the inner courtyard.
  • Halic Metro Bridge : You can take a beautiful historical peninsula on this bridge which has a mtro stop.
  • Kuleli Military High School : One of the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul. Daylight is separate, with different night lighting.
  • Balat : Istanbul’s historical district Balat is a neighborhood where you can spend your hours photographing historical houses, Patriarchate, instances of which are recently opened. Don’t forget the newly opened Iron Church Stefan!
  • Boat Tour : Tea bagels in the Vapur, Istanbul in the background … Or the seagulls trying to catch the simit that you took … Here is a great Istanbul shoot
  • Arnavutköy Coast : The coastline where Istanbul’s most striking and beautiful mansions lie side by side is one of the most photographic places.
  • Çırağan Palace : Çırağan Palace is one of the palaces where tourists visit and photo not only Turks but also Istanbul.
  • Ağva : A place of beauty with its natural nature outside of Istanbul. Green weighted photos will help your Instagram.
  • Kuzguncuk : Kuzguncuk is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods on the Anatolian side.
  • Sapphire Terrace : The observation point of the Sapphire building, the highest point of Istanbul, is a place where you can see the city and catch different squares. You can see and photograph all parts of Istanbul from 260 meters.