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The Istanbul Modern Museum of Modern Art

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Istanbul Modern Museum of Modern Art

The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Turkey’s first museum of modern art, was founded in 2004 and occupies an 8,000 square meter site on the shores of the Bosphorus.

Istanbul Modern embraces a global vision to collect, preserve, exhibit and document works of modern and contemporary art and make them accessible to art lovers.
As part of its commitment to sharing Turkey’s artistic creativity with wide audiences and promoting its cultural identity in the international art world, Istanbul Modern hosts a broad array of interdisciplinary activities.
Apart from permanent and temporary exhibition galleries, a photography gallery, and spaces for educational and social programs, the museum offers a cinema, restaurant, design store and an extensive library.
From the Chair of the Board
When Istanbul Modern opened, we promised to offer our audiences an opportunity to witness, learn about, enjoy, appreciate and to continually become updated with the evolution of contemporary art. In order to establish museum visits as sustained leisure activities, to increase Museum attendance on a cumulative basis, and to constantly capture the public’s attention, we aspired to create a dynamic and evolving structure. We believe that we have achieved this goal.

Current Exhibitions : http://www.istanbulmodern.org/en/exhibitions/current-exhibitions

Where is Istanbul Modern – Map of Istanbul Modern

Where is Istanbul Modern – Map of Istanbul Modern

The Museum provides a multifaceted, attractive and accessible communications platform that engages first-time visitors, as well as contemporary art enthusiasts, primary school children and scholars.

Overall, we feel that we have created a vibrant, family-friendly space that addresses a wide range of tastes, cultures and interests.

The Museum has become especially attractive to young audiences who are drawn to the interactive activities that we provide. With its permanent and temporary exhibition galleries, the photography gallery, new media area, library, cinema, educational programs, gift store, and restaurant, Istanbul Modern encourages a creative and interactive museum experience for its visitors.

The Museum has become a multipurpose cultural center for the encounters of everyday living and culture as well as serves as a catalyst for the collective energy that is generated by the interactive activities and experiences presented by the Museum.

Through an active roster of exhibitions and programs, we believe that we have opened new perspectives, spurred curiosity and encouraged reflection in the Turkish public. As a result of these efforts, we have succeeded in familiarizing the Turkish public with the entire scope of the Museum and we have encouraged frequent Museum visits.

In the twelve years since the Museum’s launch, we have organized six permanent collection exhibitions and fifty-one temporary exhibitions. In addition, we have hosted thirty-five photography exhibitions of world renowned artists from Turkey and abroad, thirteen video exhibitions in the field of video art, and organized seventeen international exhibitions.

But Istanbul Modern does not only limit itself to the display of artworks; it aims to fulfill an educational role as well. Both inside and outside of the Museum, we have instigated programs to acquaint the younger generation with the visual arts. Since the museum opened, hundreds of thousands of children and young people have benefited from our educational offerings.

Complementing all these activities, the private sector, the public and the local government have worked together to support the Museum and, as a result have engendered a novel and unique synergy. The collaboration between these three areas has further energized the Museum.

Aware of their social responsibilities, Turkish companies have supported, and continue to support, the various programs and exhibitions undertaken by the Istanbul Modern. To date, our exhibit sponsors have included some of Turkey’s leading corporations.

While the support of high quality and widely publicized activities are important to increase the social visibility and esteem of these institutions, individuals and media holdings. They in turn lend us their sponsorship and contributions, which then provides us with the vital assistance we need.

Istanbul Modern has always had a special relationship with museum visitors. Throughout our journey, we have benefitted from the support of our members, whose number have grown steadily and with whom we meet regularly at exhibition openings, guided tours, film screenings, educational events and special activities both in the museum and outside. Through six membership categories, we continue to offer diverse and rich content for individuals who want to make art a part of their lives and to strengthen our ties with our visitors.

Through the activities I have briefly summed up, Istanbul Modern is now reaching out to broader segments of society and is gradually getting closer to accomplishing the original founding objectives. The number of visitors has increased rapidly and over the past seven years has now reached a total of more than 6.5 million. Every passing day, we are more firmly established in the public eye as a museum symbolizing the encounter of art and society.

Furthermore, as the Museum consolidates its social ties, it has also achieved international recognition, making it a popular destination today for visitors to Istanbul from all parts of the world.

There have been world-wide media reports and beneficial results for Istanbul Modern in the international press. From the day it was launched, the Museum has enjoyed a consistently high level of attention. These days, as we negotiate our entry into the EU, Istanbul Modern has become a regular stopover for foreign correspondents visiting Turkey.

While all critical reviews agree that our modern art legacy goes back a long way, they also stress that Istanbul Modern, which the New York Times called, “the changing face of Turkey,” makes a very definite statement about Istanbul’s image as a major cultural capital.

Thus, Istanbul Modern is rapidly moving ahead on its path to becoming a recognizable world-wide brand name; a brand name that embodies the Turkish contemporary art scene.

Museum Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
– 10.00 a.m – 6.00 pm
– 10.00 a.m – 8.00 p.m
– Closed
Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is closed on January 1 and on the first day of the religious holidays.


Regular: 25 TL
Discounted (Students, 65 and older): 14 TL
Group (More than 10 people): 20 TL
Museum Members, Children Under 12, Visitors with Disabilities, ICOM and CIMAM Cardholders: Free
Free admission on Thursdays for residents of Turkey.

-Film Screenings

Istanbul Modern Cinema: 14 TL
Screenings are free of charge for museum visitors and members.
For a fee, museum visitors may use the parking lot next to Istanbul Modern. However, we kindly remind our visitors that the parking lot has limited capacity.

Facilities and Policies

• All museum facilities are wheelchair accessible. Visitors, accompanied by infants in the “6 month to 4 year” age group, may borrow Quinny strollers donated to İstanbul Modern by Grupbaby. Use of the strollers is free of charge.

• Visitors are welcome to bring their own strollers. Strollers are available from the cloakroom on the upper floor. To obtain one, simply show your museum entrance ticket and leave some form of identification (ID) as security.

• Visitors wishing to paint at the museum may borrow sitting stools from the cloakroom on the upper floor.

• Smoking, food and drink are not allowed in the galleries.

• Museum visitors are requested to leave their umbrellas, large bags, backpacks and luggage in the cloakroom.

• For film screenings, please pick up your screening ticket at the museum desk. Also note that a limited number of tickets are offered for each screening due to seating capacity.

• Screening tickets for seats reserved for members are available from the membership officer. In case seats reserved for members are not taken as of 15 minutes before the screening, they will be made available for visitors next in line.

• Please take your seats 5 minutes before the screening begins. The seats are given on a “first come first-served” basis. Screening tickets are for the specified screening only. Please note that each screening requires a separate ticket.

• Only non-professional photo-shooting for personal use is allowed on the museum’s main floor. Video-shooting is not allowed. Photographs must be taken without flash and tripod. Copying, distribution, sale and sharing of the shoots except for personal use are subject to prior written permission by Istanbul Modern. Unless stated otherwise, photography or video shooting is not allowed in the temporary exhibitions on the ground floor.