/Leander’s Tower (Maiden’s Tower) Istanbul
Maidens Tower

Leander’s Tower (Maiden’s Tower) Istanbul

The Maiden’s Tower is a building built on the small islet in Salacak offshore of the Bosphorus, close to the Sea of ​​Marmara, which is narrated and is the subject of legends. The tower, which has become the symbol of Üsküdar, is the only work left from the Byzantine period in Üsküdar.

Where is Kız Kulesi (Maiden’s Tower)
Where is Maiden's Tower ?
Maiden’s Tower is located in Istanbul. The Maiden’s Tower, built on a small island off Salacak in the Üsküdar district, is located on the Bosphorus.

How To Get To The Maiden’s Tower?
How To Get To The Maiden's Tower?
To go to the Maiden’s Tower, you can participate in boat trips over Üsküdar and Kabataş. The Maiden Tower trips from Üsküdar are held every 15 minutes between 09.15-18.30. Kabataş-Maiden Tower services are organized every hour between 10.00-18.00 on weekends.

Brief Information About Maiden’s Tower
Brief Information About Maiden's Tower
The history of the Maiden’s Tower goes back to the times before Christ. When we look at the historical evidence, we see that the tower was first mentioned in 410 BC. The tower, built by the Athenian Alkibiades, was used to control ships passing through the Bosphorus and to collect taxes. After Istanbul came under the domination of Rome, Byzantine Emperor Manuel Komnenos (I. Manuil) strengthened the building with stones and designed it as a tower and turned it into a defense building. The tower, which was restored once again in the Ottoman period, was the scene of the shows of the mehter team. This tower, which has been ruined and restored many times throughout its history, serves as a café, museum and restaurant that can be visited in Salacak off the coast of Üsküdar today.

9 interesting facts about the Maiden’s Tower
9 interesting facts about the Maiden's Tower

1 – Despite the information we have, the architect of the tower or who actually built the tower is unclear.
2 – The first name of the tower is called Arkla or Arcla, which means “small castle”.
3 – After the conquest of Istanbul, the tower was destroyed and a wooden model was built in its place. According to the records, this wooden tower was destroyed in a fire in 1719.
4 – Damat İbrahim Pasha, one of the Ottoman architects, designed the stone version of the Maiden’s Tower. Hattat Rakım Efendi drew the calligraphy in the tower in 1857.
5 – The tower was used as a quarantine center in the cholera epidemic in 1830.
6 – A torch-shaped lantern was installed so that the tower could serve as a lighthouse. In 1920, this lantern was replaced by an automatic light system.
7 – It was later used as a radio station.
8 – It was put into service of the Ministry of Defense in 1964. To the Maritime Enterprises in 1982. After this date, the tower was rented for 49 years.
9 – The Maiden’s Tower today serves as a restaurant and wedding house.