/Istanbul’s most beautiful streets

Istanbul’s most beautiful streets

Population approaching 16 million, which is Turkey’s most populous and cosmopolitan city with residential location in Istanbul, the tissue architecture and streets with the warm atmosphere that protects, manages to keep beauty alive. These charming streets, which have become more and more popular with each passing day, have a very attractive view for both photo enthusiasts and lovers of Istanbul.

1. Galip Dede Sokağı, Karaköy

Galip Dede Street is one of the most important points connecting Istiklal Street to Karaköy. Galip Dede Street, which is one of the oldest streets of Istanbul and which has survived from the Genoese Colonies until now, is named after Sheikh Galip, one of the famous names of Turkish Sufi literature. The tomb of Sheikh Galip is located in the Galata Mevlevihane at the beginning of the street.

On this steep and narrow slope, you can see impressive historical buildings, large and small shops and small cafes. The street has become the first address of those who want to buy musical instruments thanks to the musical instruments shops that have been opened one after another in recent years. In the early 1900s, the street’s oldest shop, surrounded by antique shops, patisseries, sideboards, and stampers, was a bookstore called Librairie de Pera, which opened in 1920. This street where you will encounter a different color and sound at every step you take is one of the places to visit in Istanbul.

2. Fransız Sokağı, Beyoğlu

Fransız Sokağı

Known as Algerian Street for many years, this authentic street, named after French Street after the renovation project in the early 2000s, is located at the back side of Galatasaray High School on Istiklal Street. The French Street, which has become quite colorful after this project which was realized in order to keep the French culture alive in Istanbul, and which leads the entertainment life of the city at the point reached today, manages to stay alive every hour of the day.

Don’t forget to taste delicious hot wines in this bustling street which is the meeting point of evening meals, coffee breaks and nightly entertainments with friends. French Street, where entertainment continues until the first lights of the morning, is one of the popular addresses of those who want to have a pleasant day in Istanbul with their art galleries, narrow streets adorned by wide stairs and colorful buildings.

3. Merdivenli Yokuş, Balat

Merdivenli Yokuş Balat

Echoing the sounds of children playing in the streets, Balat is one of the few places in Istanbul that protects the neighborhood culture with its old houses and friendly people. If you are accustomed to seeing the photos of the famous staircase, you can see the most popular street of the district. The view of the old and colorful houses arranged side by side is quite impressive because of the slope of the stairs between the two sides.

Don’t forget to wear a comfortable shoe on your foot when it comes to Balat, which offers visitors an attractive atmosphere with its warm atmosphere and historical texture. Otherwise, wandering around steep hills and stairs can turn into grind. You can visit Balat, which is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1988, as well as places such as Çoban Çeşmesi Sokak, Fener Külhani Street, Yıldırım Street and Kiremit Avenue.

4. Perihan Abla Sokağı, Kuzguncuk

Perihan Abla Sokağı – Kuzguncuk Istanbul

Kuzguncuk district, hiding the most beautiful shades of green, Fethi Pasha, historic houses, the gentle breeze of the throat you will hear the fragrant air and a cozy place with a warm neighborhood culture. Kuzguncuk, a neighborhood where Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together in peace for many years, has become a place that attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists.

Perihan Abla Street is one of the most popular and most popular streets of Kuzguncuk. In addition to the beauty and natural atmosphere of the street, the television series that were shot here have a big impact. In fact, the name of the street before the 90s, well-known Perihan Abla series was inspired by the sequence. The small but charming cafes, the hospitable people and the joyful atmosphere of the people that amaze you with this street, a world that will convince you to live in Istanbul is hiding.

5. Serdar-ı Ekrem Sokak, Galata

Serdar-ı Ekrem Sokağı Galata – İstanbul

Serdar-ı Ekrem Street, the favorite of the famous names from the art and fashion world, has an atmosphere and appearance that is so impressive as to think that erken I wish I was a little longer Sanat. Most of the old houses, lined on both sides of the road and waiting to be restored, are in the status of historical monuments, and the streets are quite pleasant for photographers. Reflecting one of the most beautiful faces of Istanbul with its historic houses and cobblestone streets, this street has fashion and design shops of famous brands, as well as second-hand shops and various shops. Serdar-ı Ekrem, which has been transformed into one of the most crowded and vibrant spots of the city in recent years, is one of the most spectacular streets to the Galata Tower. When you visit these streets that are able to maintain their natural atmosphere, you can come across the old Istanbul views that are missed and always mentioned.